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Cockroach Business

Cockroach Business

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Konstantina Tasopoulou
Illustration: Melina Antoniadou

The Mayor of the town chases the cockroach strain out. The cat and the dog agree with him. But a cockroach does not. Why should she suddenly immigrate? No, she won’t leave. She is staying at her town and she is searching for an asylum somewhere where the mayor won’t think of looking for.
Maybe in a house where some man lives…
Will she get along? People usually avoid cockroaches.
Will she meet open hugs or close doors?
Will she fear, win or be beaten?

Written in pentasyllabic, Konstantina’s Tasopoulou text tries, syllable by syllable with sensitivity and humour to reconcile human and eventually every reader with any of his fears.

Scheme : 15x15,5 cm (μαλακό εξώφυλλο)
Pages : 48
ISBN : 978-960-7549-81-5