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Mrs Sintore and the musical spelling!

Mrs Sintore and the musical spelling!

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Maria Kariotaki

Oh, these rules of spelling…

How many kids have the tortured? But now the solution is found!

Mrs Sintore, a teacher, who is different from the others, came with her weapon-guitar to fight wrong spelling and student boredom!
Read the stories, hear the songs, play the games of this book to learn through entertainment and have fun through learning.

A book for kids of elementary school, who either come in touch for the first time with spelling rules or need an alternative way to learn them.

It includes CD with a song for each spelling rule in composition of Dimitris Vasmaris.

Singers: Giannis Zouganelis, Giannis Savidakis, Ioana Karanika, Manos Papadakis, Panos Tsikos, Maria Louka and the kids’ choir of  Heraklion Municipality.


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Scheme : 21x29 cm (σκληρόδετο εξώφυλλο)
Pages : 40
ISBN : 978-960-7549-77-8