Flammable Town”

Flammable Town”

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Nikos Mentzinis

The Manuscript of a Rebellion.

A manuscript that transfers us to Candia (Heraklion) in 1578 comes to light. Venetian occupation, the Turks at the gates…It is about; a Notario (notary) , who is half Venetian and half Greek, a knight who knows how to hide his secrets, a blacksmith, a drawer, an actress full of graces and knowledge, who meet each other and their lives tangle up. Loves, deaths, earthquakes and many adventures…They organize a rebellion against Venetians. However, it fails and the town is drown in blood. At the same time, it illustrates the daily life of Venetian period.

After centuries, a triptych that is accidentally discovered reveals the truth.
Scheme : 14.5x20.5
Pages : 208
ISBN : 978-960-7549-58-7