Are you an author?

The creative team of Itanos Publishing in collaboration with “Detorakis Graphic Arts” is offering a series of services such as graphic design, network, typography and advertisement, thus covering a full array of the needs a contemporary Greek or foreign author might have. All these are accomplished through collaborations with the best Greek and foreign professionals, in order for the quality of our services that reaches you to be insured. This is just an early part of its services which Itanos publishing team can take charge of, carrying fully competitive quality and support as detailed below.

Conventional Publishing
(offset printing, high traffic, high number of copies)

It is ideal for those of you who are interested in printing and circulation of a large number of copies to hundreds of bookshops both in Greece and abroad.

Print-on Demand Publishing
(digital printing, limited copies)

This is the perfect solution for those of you who would like to see your book printed in a few copies or for those who prefer more economic solutions so that your book would start its own trip.

Artistic Redaction
(internal pagimation and cover design pattern)

Would you like a highly professional and aesthetically integral result for your book or a deliberate cover that… gets your message across? We have the ideal solution for you!

Literary Redaction
(correction or redaction)

There is an experienced team of philologists who could redact your book and suggest for essential alternations.

Book Translation
(in Greek, English, French, Deutch etc.)

Professional translations for those of you who want to see your book written in English or to approach readers from all over the world.

(author’s blog and bookpromo-site)

We suggest modern solutions on the internet for the promotion of your book or your authorial carreer.

(placing in conservative or online bookshops in Greece and abroad)

Would you like to see your book at the shelf of a bookshop or at the network showcases of online shops, for example We have the solution!

Promotion and Marketing
(websites, magazines, book trailers, Social Media etc.)

Would you like Media prints or websites to demonstrate your work? Your book cover to be all over facebook? Hundreds or even thousands of Greek and foreign people to watch the trailer of your writing? Address us!

(book fairs, booksigning, photographic exhibitions etc.)

Through a multi-year experience we organize the presentation of your book or a photographic exhibition in order to demonstrate your work.

Author advisory
(on your book, on your total work, on future works etc.)

Would you like to discuss about your work with an established author or even to have a word of advice and consider his critique? We have the solution for you!