1) Is the publication of a book a simple procedure?

The publication of a book is as simple as the author wants to be. Basically, he is able to decide for everything himself having always beside him people who are professionals in the area of publication at all the departments, who are very experienced in Greece and abroad. The thing is how much he wants to involve himselfin the whole procedure. If he can totally trust the aesthetic and professional approroach of Itano’s publishing creative team, then the procedure of publishing will be simple for him. On the other hand, we would be very happy if he wants to get involved in a high degree, although the procedure might seem to be more complicated to him.

2) Do I have to come to your head office to publish my book?

It is not necessary. Our creative publishing team has simplified very much the communication with the authors in our family. The result? Through the email exchange and the phone communication the publishing procedure moves forward with adequacy and professionalism. Do you need a profe? Our creative has collaborated with authors from all over Greece , as well as from many foreign cities (Paris, Rome etc.) leading their books in a highly professional and aesthetic publication.

3) How often would I be informed about the sellings of my book?

It depends on the way the sellings of your book will be done. For example, in the case of book fairs the information is direct, right after it ends. In the case of participation in a festival or book fair the information comes after some days after the completition of each event. Now, as far as the selling through channel distribution (distributions, bookshops, online bookstores etc.) your information is held every 6 or 12 months according to the frequency of our publications from the bookshops or the distributors. From our side, we push every week in order for the information to come as soon as possible, however the rule of the book;s purchase is 6 to 12 months.

4) How often would I be payed for the sellings of my books?

Again, it depends on the way your book’s sellings will be arranged. In the case of book fair and publish events the payment happens directly (a few time or days after the completion of your events). In the case of distribution of your book through bookshops the payment comes after a few days or a month after our information by the distributors or the points of sale (that is every 6 to 12 months).

5) What about the rights of republications, translation, adaptation for a movie or TV show?

In the case of self-publication the author maintains all of the rights for the subsequent commercial use of his wirk such as its republication, translation, adaptation for a movie or a TV show and many other.

6) Is it possible to amortise my initial investment?

It is 100% possible since the overwhelming majority of our authors who took our advices have amortised in 1 to 3 months. Particularly, most of them earn profit by their works from their very first republication. So, what advices do we offer you? Your work should be supported by as many as possible book fairs, before it starts being distributed in bookshops. The reason is simple: you should do as many as possible direct sales with no intermediaries in order to keep the most profit for you. From our side, we are always beside you, in any book fair you would like to do providing you financial insurance, poster and invitation design , Media information through newsletters etc.