There are many ways to narrate the history of civilization. The most exciting part of all is that through the analysis and the research of its special connotations we have the opportunity to appreciate the mindset of an era, the soul of a place, the dreams and hopes of many generations. This is possible, as the habits, the traditions and the artworks carry not only a functional value but, also, inevitably, a symbolic one.

If we observe history of art, the metaphor which lead and defined our vision of the world is that of  “the open window”. From the Renaissance till today the portrait of reality is composed of this framework, proceeding beyond the limits of the drawing picture, in order to include the photographic and cinematic art. “The open window” is a constant metaphor –so constant that it is considered to be the leading idea for the new environment of digital technology, that of computers, which shapes the same idea in a limited framework.

This principle is always following us and it became the very element for the inspiration and designing of our web page. It is created in order to discuss about art using every possible mean, adding a kaleidoscope of multimedia to the insuperable quality of our publications and books, which is able to respond to all the senses; this is the challenge we wanted to accept.

Itanos publishing offer a panorama of high quality publications, concerning culture and art, as well as apt suggestions for presents with uncomparable artistic style and image. Our aspiration is to demonstrate the inextricable bond between art and speech, discovering the ancient element in the modern and observe the tradition through the development of a creative view.