Itanos Publishing was founded on 1994 of Novenber in Heraklion of Crete by the famous company “Detorakis Graphic Arts”.

Today it counts more than 20 years of life and creation and it trades in cultural, historical and artistic publications.

Our great director Michalis Kakogianis, our critique, translator, litterateur and theatre director Marios Ploritis, the international famous sculptor Chrisa , the archaeologist and researcher of Minoan writing LouisGodart, the great poet-creator Konstantinos Xenakis, the famous Greek-American artist Stephen Antonakos, the curator of antiquities Alexandra Koretsou, the professor of Byzantine philology Theocharis Detorakis, the sculptor John Parmakelis, the arxhaelogist Liana Starida and the historian Konstantinos Kargakis are a few of the great names of culture and art who trusted us some of their most important works.

Itano’s philosophy of the people’s who surround it focus on the transmission of our civilization.This is the reason why our publications cover a wide range of cultural activities such as archaeology, plastic arts, theatre, photography and artistic monographs.

A part of our publishing activities are considered to be important collaborations with the Greek Parliament, the Benaki Museum, the Ministry of Culture.

Undoubtedly, art and culture are invaluable for us and for this reason Itanos publications invest in similar publications, having the same enthusiasm.

The name of the publishing house comes from the titular prehistoric town in Eastern Crete, Itanos, and its logotype was designed by LouisGodart.