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Liana Starida

She was born in Athens. Her parents were from Heraklion, where she grew up. She is a graduate of the University of Athens at the department of History-Archaelogy and she is now working at the 13th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities.

She worked as a professor at the School of Tour Guide for the lesson of History of Crete and History of Contemporary Greece. She is an educator of  cultural issues at the prison of Alikarnasos and at the Institute of Employment of GCGW, as well as, a scientific Advisor in architectural studies on monuments restoration, constructional blocks and structural sets in the town of Heraklion.

She was a supervisor of excavation researches in 24 archaelogical places in total. Among them, they are also included the Paleochristianic Royalties; A) Saint Nicolas of Chersonisos and B) “Kastri” of Chersonisos.

She was occupied with the exhibition of medieval pottery and minor arts at the Historical Museum of Crete and she was a scientific supervisor for the simulation of the Venetian City of Chandaka (Candia) on the maquette, which has been designed and exhibited at the hall “Andrea Kalokairinou” of the Historical Museum of Crete.

Since 1998, while working at Chersonisos, she is also working at the Venetian Walls and the Old Town of Heraklion and holds the place of the supervisor in dozens of salvage, probational and regular excavating researches.

She is a substitute member of the Scientific Committee of Monitoring of the Framework Contract in the Municipality of Heraklion -FAR(Fund of Archaelogical Resources), -MOC (Ministry of Culture), -MOELP (Ministry of Environment and Land Planning) for the Restoration of the Venetian Walls and the Reeconstruction of the Old Town on Heraklion. At the same time, she is a Member of the Company of the Cretan Historical Rersearches, Member of the Archaelogical Company, Member of the Christianic Archaelogical Company, Member of the Museum of Natural History of the University of Crete, Member of the Archaelogical Greek Association and Member of the Administrative Council of the Organisation Culture of the Local Authorities in Heraklion.
She has been part of International conferences and has accomplished a series of lectures and postings in Heraklion and Athens on History, Archaelogy, and City Planning of Heraklion.

Since 2001 she is studying the relationships between Crete and Cyprus in the Medieval Period (from early Christian times to Venetian domination) in the researching Archaelogy unit of University of Cyprus in Lefkosia and she is devising her doctoral theses in the University of Athens with the theme; “The Urban evolution of Heraklion city from the early Byzantine times to Venetian domination”.

She was concerned with the comparative study of the onshore cities of East Mediteranean.

She is married, a mother of three children and two grandchildren.

Liana Starida