Arcimedes’ Palimpsest

Arcimedes’ Palimpsest

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Greta Chritofilopoulou
Historic Novel

The fictional journey to time of an indefatigable parchment which was covered by Christian texts. A palimpsest scroll with hidden secrets which were about to change the history of Mathematics.

Who ravished the well scroll and dislodged the initial text of Archimedes’? Who hurled merciless persecutions at knowledge, spirit and Greek ancient grammar? Who amasses the ruins or turned the temples and the National monuments into lime, amputated the sculptures and devastated unique art works? Who burned the huge libraries and the arks of ancient world knowledge down? Who destroyed systematically the excellent technological achievements of Greeks? Who threw the scientific writings in the flames that were burning at the vaqnguard of Middle Ages in East? Who considered Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as devil things?

This book watches the shocking way of Archimedes’ life from his birth in 287 b.C. till the famous “Stop disturbing me” that told before he was killed, rips the dark veil and reveals, behind the scenes of History, the brutal and unknown aspecrts of it.

It ,also, reveals how the small number of the invaluable writings, such as Arcimedes Palimpsest, of pre-christian era managed to be rescued by the devastation.
Scheme : 140x210 mm
Pages : 419
ISBN : 978-960-7549-70-9