“Perhaps, one day”

   “Perhaps, one day”

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Evagelia Kakulaki-Bedu

“Perhaps, one day” is a simple and familiar story of Eve, the hero, who experiences repression from her early age and reaches the limits of psychological assault.

Her dreams and little escapes are those that give her courage and keep her living and hoping through an unbearable daily life which is forced, by the circumstances, to endure.

Dreams that sometimes are small and easily come true in another reality and other times they are unattainable and out of reach.

Till the time when the unexpected things and life surprises lead her to a difficult, yet determinant, crossroad of her life.

The directions are two –and they are diametrically opposed- however, the decision is only one. And she has to take it her own. She needs to decide. Will she move forward to her own wishes or will she low her eyes and concede?
Scheme : 14,5 x 20,5 cm
Pages : 400
ISBN : 978-960-7549-79-2