We are Guilty

We are Guilty

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Kimon Tsatsakis

The story of Ismini and John begins just after their parents’ marriage. They had dreams and plans but their daily and married life turned out to be other than they expected. An authoritarian father and an uxorious mother, who were confined and hemmed in their microcosm, in their individualism, who never managed to act as parents and create a real family.

So, they affected irreparably on the sensitive souls of their two children. Ismini, a more strong person, is the one who fights constantly and does not bend over the difficulties of life, even when they outreach her mettle. John, the central hero, experiences in a different way the cruelty in his innocent soul  since he was a child. He lives out in the fringes, being physically and emotionally injured.

He abandons his dreams and ambitions anf punishes himself by living in a world of drugs and wrongdoings, believing that this way he will be released by his past. Ismini is his only bulwark with a genuine fraternal love but ,also, the love towards a lame person.

Her invaluable help will lead John in search for other paths of hope, love, creativity, lust for life, self-improvement and light. Love will transfigure pain proving that curses can alter into blessings.
Scheme : 148x210 mm
Pages : 416
ISBN : 978-960-7549 -78-5